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I believe that entrepreneurs, parents, and professionals deserve to enjoy the life that you work so hard to provide for everyone else. You long for the feeling of living a life not limited by walls and ceilings. Imagine the wind bathing you in its breeze and the sun warming your soul. I know you want freedom from the daily grind and the hustle. You want time to elevate your thoughts and expand your vision. You need a higher vantage point so that you can both reflect on what’s behind you and clearly see what’s ahead.  How do I know? Because I was right where you are.

I spent the early years of my career as an electrical engineer. Fresh out of college, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I was ready to GO GET THAT BAG!  I was smart, well-trained, and ready for the world – until I realized that I wasn’t really ready for life. Over time and through career changes, marriage, divorce, death, bankruptcy, fires and floods, I learned to perfect the art of “having it together” in front of the world, yet in reality I was struggling with workaholism, busyness, habitual lateness, over promising and under delivering, putting too much on my plate, being sick and tired of being sick and tired, and on top of all that, I had ZERO time for a social life.

I had to learn how to break the cycle the hard way and it took me years of trial and error to figure out how to deal with life instead of allowing life to deal with me.  Change is inevitable and can be brutal to navigate without help.  That’s why I am passionate about helping individuals and organizations transition to their next level in life – because I know what it feels like to know that I should be playing bigger, but I just need a clear plan, or path, or a push.

If you are ready to grow beyond your current circumstances, but have no idea where to start, I can help you chart a strategic course that unlocks the basement door and gets you up to the rooftop so you can see clearly. As you elevate, you will be making room for your health, your relationships, your business, your finances, and your fun to grow! 

Award Nominated

Anita has been nominated in two categories for the 2020 Women Mean Business Awards!

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